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About Lipizzans


Increasing the Lipizzaner horses started in 1580 when Archduke Karl von Habsburg, Regent of Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, Istria and Trieste established stud of Lipica, on a property purchased by the Archbishop of Coreto Trieste.

The Stud of Lipica was designed to increase and improve horse blood lines for the needs of the court and army. In the first year of the herd, 24 mares-mothers from the local population of Karst were mated with three Spanish selected stallions. In the years that followed, other animals were brought in for breeding stud, mainly from Spain but also from other studs with prestigious wafers, Danish, German or from own empire, such as the Kladrub one.

In 1735, Emperor Karl VI founded the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. The same year, with the inauguration was opened also studbook for the breed. Since its foundation, stallions from Lipica were used in this valuable Riding Academy. Of these stallions, only those who achieve the best results here were then used for breeding.

Five of the six "blood lines" existing at the beginning of Lipica stud were kept until today, that is:
Pluto, Conversano, Neapolitano, Maestoso and Favory. These lines were formed in the second half of the eighteenth century and their founders were Danish stallion Pluto, gray, born in 1765 in the royal stud at Frederiksborg; Neapolitano stallions: Conversano Senior, black, born in 1767 and Neapolitano Senior, brown, born in 1770; stallions from Kladrub: Maestoso Senior, gray, born in 1763 and Favory Senior, gray, born in 1779. Siglavy blood line, breed in Arabia, was introduced later in the nineteenth century and led to the founding stallion Siglavy.

These 6 lines "blood" is added and two classic modern lines, namely: Incitato and Tulipan.
Incitato is a line originating in Transylvania, and it is based on Incitato stallion, born in 1802 at Siebenburgen and sold later on Mezohegyes herd where after formed Incitato bloodline. It is a modern, accepted without restrictions bloodline in livestock breed and however it occurs only in Romania and Hungary.
Tulipan is a modern bloodline formed in Hungary using Lipizzaner mares but also Spanish bloodlines mares. With special features, is a full bloodline of sports skills, also accepted without restrictions within the race and also occurs only in Romania and Hungary.

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