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Carriage Competitions


Carraige driving is undeniably the most elegant, most spectacular, but the most expensive branch of equine sports. It happened to be named also "operetta" of equestrian sports. Official competitions are organized in 3 days after the Completely Contest Riding model, with three main tests: the training together with the presentation, marathon and obstacles.

The first sample of the official competitions is
"the training" which often takes place on Friday. In a land of 40x100 m carriage must evolve a compulsory program.

In some contests, according to the announcement of the organizers,
"presentation" may constitute evidence separately.
A beautiful women dress, big hat, long white gloves, a bouquet of flowers in the sample arm raised aesthetic level of this contest.

At most stages of the National Championship of Romania "presentation" contest is official.

The name "marathon" alludes to the past of the sport when the contest is organized by distance of 42 km, but in the 80s this distance was reduced from 25 to 28 km, 12-15 km in today is the idea of protecting the horses. Marathon carriages are used to test vehicles with special construction, created with sophisticated technical solutions. They must have weights and track down the regulation and mandatory dress and costume competitors is the free choice, just helmet or cap is required. Physical and psychological condition are extremely important both as drivers and horses.

This competition takes place on the last day of competition. Competitors shall report at the "START" to the results obtained in the first days at home first so that those with the most points are the last penalty and crews with the best results. Again requires carriage of elegant style and outfit. Obstacles consist of conical orange stakes placed 10 cm from the gauge wheels, each pole having one ball on top. The ball knocked the penalty. Solving a minute after the beep until the start line and crossing the finish gate to circumvent or overthrow carriage is punishable by disqualification.

The final score of the contest is done by adding pin penalty points from all three days of competition. After completion of the three contests, is the opening parade and carriage in the rhythm of music and audience applause. The title of "National Champion" result in the points were collected at the stages of official National Championship.

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