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Carriage Driving


With the advent of cars, stylish and elegant horse-drawn carriages have found place in sport in the idea that the secular traditions do not disappear. Horse lovers from everywhere have started to organize sports competitions such as carriage driving. There are two main styles of carriage driving: English and Hungarian. English carriages are higher, the driver is seated high, well above tract and handling reins in hand to adapt the driver position. Harness are more difficult, characterized by a harness yoke type, called "cumete", adorned with chains, buckles and other metal parts chrome or brass. Gate driver costume stylish hat and man named "Groom" clothinglong red coats and black fountain head and riding hat or cap.

Hungarian style was adapted to harsh road conditions, characterized by lower and lighter carriages. The driver is placed closer to the horses, with a characteristic style of handling reins, harness horses wearing the vest lighter, so the yoke, with plaited leather trims so-called "Salangai" that often come true works of manual art. The leader of these carriages wear suit with light hat and "Kocsis' People's gate or uniform is similar to that of hussars. This style is most widespread in central and western Europe, by tradition, reaching up on our land.

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