Lipicai Lovas Klub

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Farm Description


Our farm history begin in 1992, when purchasing on Sambata de Jos Stud Farm two lines Favory and Conversano mares and two stallions (lines Siglavy Capriola and Maestoso), for initiation in sport harness. After a period search for the purchase of plots of land as an activity for optimal growth of the horse and agrotourism, currently, the farm stretches over a total area of 40 ha of which 30 ha of pasture and 10 ha of arable land and grassland.

On the farm are in this moment a number of 15 mares’ mothers, three stallions, breeding stallions and youth (about 50 heads). We have bred lines tested in carriage driving and individuals are chosen with great strictness in terms of exterior and motion quality but have not neglected any colours, so that is one third of black jelly. The mare’s mothers mentioned the following lines: Neapolitano (5), Pluto (3), Siglavy Capriola (3), Maestoso (2), Conversano (1) Incitato (1) and the stallions: Neapolitano XXXIII, Siglavy Capriola XXV and Siglavy Capriola XXVI.

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