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Covasna County has a tourism potential value, because its picturesque landscape, the rich mineral water, mofettes, and the existence of monuments of art and architecture. Making a physical-geographical delimitation of the territory of Covasna County, is on the main tourist areas, each with a specific heritage tourism and a unique value.

The most valuable are those mountain areas, which generally shelter and resorts in the county, from specific activities could be mentioned Agriculture and Livestock, trade, woodworking and agrotourism.

Chichis Village, village center with the same name in Covasna County, is located in the angle formed by the River Olt and River "Raul Negru", the limit Covasna County and only 1.5 kilometers from the county of Brasov on DN 12, at an altitude of 509 m, and his first documentary attestation is in 1461 (Kewkews).

Other information's:

Access in town is from the main road linking Sfantu Gheorghe Village and Brasov Village or by rail
( more trains information's).

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