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Riding courses


Equity is a noble sport, where patience, passion and resilience are the basic qualities. An advantage of this sport is to substitute an alternative fitness classes more enjoyable. Thus, equity tones muscles, improves circulation and reflexes Finding backbone.
Horse borrowed many features of human, once they became partners. During the partnership began with man's horse, the horse was always associated with wisdom, power and utility. In modern times the horse was replaced by work in the field, is no longer used for any movement, but is still a "field" highly exploitable and watch buffs and lovers of these wonderful animals.

Equity take many forms - from sports to relax until this noble sport can be practiced by anyone at any age. Several tens of minutes spent in the saddle of a horse can often to remove the stress accumulated in one day shaken the city, restoring calm and good humor.

Those who want to practice this sport in our farm we are at your disposal with riding lessons for both children and adults beginners (with companion), as well as for more advanced riders (with companion), their offering and the opportunity to improve their knowledge. Here you will find, in addition instructors, skilled coaches and conditions absolutely necessary practicing this sport (horse riding school, harness, equipment, etc.).

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