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Short history


Basics farm were released in 1992, when purchasing from the Sambata de Jos Stud Farm two Lipizzaner mare's (Conversano and Favory lines) and two breeding stallions (Siglavy Capriolaand Maestoso lines), for initiation in carriage driving. My mentors were Dr. Laszlo Kadar, eng. Ferenc Toth, eng. Gajai Sandor, and Dr. Kelemen Attila.

The first dressage carriage was purchased from Salonta Village and first marathon carriage was made in Tg. Secuiesc Village, models that were different than those of today.

After long training and hard work, in 1993, rising the young competitor Robert Bartha, in a official competition at Tg. Secuiesc with a team of 2 horses: a mare Conversano XXVII-7 "Lepke" and a half breed Lipizzaner stallion "Ficko.

The rise was then rapidly, culminating in 1995 with the National Champion title with a carriage up of horses Ficko and Favory. After this success, in 1997, is formed by coupling the national first batch, who participated in the Carriage World Championships in Reisenbeck - Germany, team of L Kadar, Imre Z, Bartha R. For this event have been used two young half-blood Lipizzaner horses, chestnut color (half brother, Mastoso XXXVII blood-line). Championships followed in Kecksemet - Hungary 1999, Salzburg - Austria 2005 and more.

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